Terms and Conditions

Adaptation in different size will be charged at 30% of the original Art work Rate.
* The Cost of any additional major work in these areas will depend on printers & other related vendors

1) Presentation of concept fee will be 50% of the original Rates.
*Presentation also includes sending creatives by e-mail
2) Adaptation of sizes for newspaper ads in English different size 30% of original rate.
3) The list of items is not totally exhaustive. In case a job is not listed above, please obtain an estimate for the same prior to commencement.
4) All estimates raised to be approved within 15 days of receipt, failing which it will be deemed approved & bill raised thereof.
5) Adaption of sizes for hoardings, edms, flyers, posters, brochures etc will cost 30% of original rates.
6) Co- ordination charges for printing, outdoor, photography or any other vendors will involve an agency co-ordination fee of 20% of the total amount to be paid to vendor.
7) 50% of the original cost will be levied upon in case of wrong brief.
8) Work will proceed only after the estimate for the said job is approved.

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