What we do

Our mission is to support companies and organisations to grow sustainably, by balancing financial, social and environmental performance. We build partnerships between the public and private sectors and civil society, to deliver profitable, pro-poor and environmentally positive solutions.

CoSustain provides high quality professional advisory services in strategy, operations and implementation. Our clients are global businesses, multilateral institutions, governments and non-governmental organisations. We work across sectors such as financial, natural resources, agriculture, energy and ship recycling and deliver projects globally, in Europe, Asia and Africa. Our projects span both corporate sustainability and international development.

The world faces unprecedented challenges and disruption to business as usual.

Recent political upheavals add another layer of complexity to the big megatrends of climate change, population growth and resource scarcity. All within the context of the emerging ‘Fourth Industrial Revolution’, characterised by automation and technology that merges the physical, digital and biological realms.

We work with our clients and partners to not only navigate these challenges, and manage risks but optimise opportunities for sustainable growth.

Our Services

Cross-sector Partnerships

Acting as the “integrator’ for cross-sector partnerships with a diverse range of stakeholders, in Europe, Asia and Africa.

Delivering Programmes

Leading complex global programmes, from vision and strategy to implementation, leading teams, capacity building, and reporting.

Vision and Strategy

Supporting global leaders to set their vision and strategy and build capacity through training and workshops.

Research and Writing

Conducting high quality research, writing articles, reports and thought pieces for public and private audiences.

Our Sectors

Cosustain Financial


Providing advice on environmental and social risks and opportunities within banks and other financial institutions.

Cosustain Agriculture


Embedding sustainability in global commodity supply chains through big brands and certification schemes.

Cosustain Energy


Catalysing partnerships for
clean and renewable energy solutions across emerging markets.

Cosustain Ship Recycle

Ship Recycling

Improving environmental and social practices and standards in the ship recycling sector in South Asia.